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Vote of Thanks by Mr. Sunil Sawla, Secretary - India Pulses and Grains Association

Hon’ble Minister of Agriculture Govt of Saskatchewan Mr David Marit, Ms. Cindy Brown – President Global Pulses Confederation, Shri Ashish Bahuguna – Former Secretary Agriculture and Former Chairperson FSSAI, Mr. Sunil Kumar Singh Additional Managing Director – NAFED. Thank you all for your valuable insights. The points of India achieving a sufficient degree of self-sufficiency and a level playing  field for farmers is well taken . We also acknowledge the efforts of NAFED to ensure affordable pulses are available in far off distant states like Tripura.

On behalf of IPGA , the apex body of   India’s Pulses and Grains Industry, I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to you all for taking the time out to attend this 5th edition of our  biannual conclave. 

The Indian Govt  has provided a substantially  higher allocation for agriculture with a major thrust on the production of pulses and also put more money in the hands of those who maybe at the bottom half  of the income pyramid . The marginal propensity to consume is higher here than at the top half and we trust that with greater awareness towards reducing malnutrition  and pulses being a major source of protein , some of this money from the household budgets will be diverted to consuming more pulses thus raising its per capita consumption in our country.

We understand  and appreciate the Govts noble vision to double  farmers income and attain self-sufficiency in pulses production however let there be realization and acceptance of the role the trade plays  in ensuring that pulses reach the end consumer efficiently. We pray that uniform and consistent policies are laid out for the sector as a whole  to avoid malpractices, costly and time consuming litigations . Ad hoc policies and uncertainties benefit only a few to the detriment of the entire trade. A freer trade with reasonable import tariffs  with a thrust on developing export markets which were lost so far , should be the way forward.

We have tried to give a new dimension to this conclave by relating the farm sector to the economy, advances in pulses research ,and   innovation in the pulses sector including protein extraction. 

We are grateful to the Good Food institute and Ms. Aashish Kasad of Ernest &Young for their forthcoming  insights into new developments in the Pulses sector moving away from traditional milling and for insights into Govt. polices , obtaining of  tax incentives and funds for research and development etc . In the current changing scenario , I trust these sessions will be very useful so please do not miss these.

I take this opportunity to thank all foreign trade delegations and  all speakers from major pulse producing nations who have come here to share their  views and vision for the pulses trade and industry which is going through a challenging phase.  We look forward to their fresh ideas and insights over the next 2 days.

As I said earlier, this has been a tough and challenging time  for the pulses trade and industry, and it would be appropriate to say a big thank you to our sponsors for making this  event happen at a scale which we had envisioned. Thanks to the ETG Group, Arvee International, Trimurti International , Asian Tea and Exports Ltd, GP Global, and all our other sponsor partners for your continued support especially in these difficult times.

Last but not the least , I would be lacking if I do not acknowledge the contribution of each and every member of the  IPGA team who have worked relentlessly towards making this conclave a success. Pradeep, Swati, Nikita, Ketaki Thank you. 

IPGA has come a long way since its first conclave in Mumbai and this  has been made possible because of you all in the audience . Thank you, speakers and delegates,  for your participation, involvement and support to IPGA. Have a great pulses conclave 2020 !

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